医疗大赦 is available for 十大网赌正规网址 students in the following circumstances: 

1)下列人士可要求医疗大赦 寻求的学生 医疗援助 for someone 为谁 t在这里 is concern due to excessive alcohol or substance consumption. 

2)可要求医疗大赦 由过量饮酒或滥用药物的人  为谁 寻求医疗照顾 由非大学官员提供.

Requests for 医疗大赦 are reviewed by a committee to determine if amnesty will be granted. The policy does 不 preclude our Office from requiring educational programs or substance abuse assessments as we deem necessary.

十大网赌正规网址,我们最关心的是学生的健康和安全,因此我们希望鼓励每个学生在饮酒期间为自己或他人寻求帮助, 药物, 或者其他突发卫生事件. If 医疗援助 is needed, do 不 hesitate to call 911 immediately.

Thank you for being a student with ability and conviction who looks out for your peers. 如有疑问,请打电话求助.

The complete 医疗特赦政策 is posted within this website to be viewed within its entirety.




十大网赌正规网址(MU)鼓励一个促进MU社区所有成员健康和安全的生活和学习环境. 药物或酒精消费——包括过度消费, 食用危险物质, or consumption by someone with sensitivity – can cause serious physical and neurological harm or be life-threatening. 像这样, students are encouraged to make responsible decisions and to seek medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol 和/或 other 药物 abuse; students are also encouraged to seek help for any situation w在这里 medical treatment is reasonably believed to be appropriate. 如果一个学生喝醉了,他/她是无法被唤醒的, letting that person “sleep it off” is 不 a reasonable alternative to getting him/her the necessary medical help. 在这种紧急情况下,学生可能会犹豫是否寻求帮助,因为他们担心自己或需要医疗照顾的人可能会受到行为和纪律后果.


十大网赌正规网址 is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment for all students. 医疗特赦政策有利于我们的校园,鼓励我们的学生在酒精和/或其他药物滥用导致的严重或危及生命的情况下,以及在合理认为适当的情况下,作出负责任的决定,寻求医疗照顾. If a student is so intoxicated or 药物ged that s/he is unable to be awakened, letting that person “sleep it off” is 不 a reasonable alternative to getting him/her the necessary medical help. 这项政策旨在减少在这种情况下对纪律处分和行为制裁的恐惧,并鼓励个人为酗酒和/或吸毒的学生寻求医疗照顾.


十大网赌正规网址 students who require and received medical attention as a result of alcohol 和/或 illegal 药物 use 和/或 因酗酒/吸毒而要求医疗援助的学生,可通过先填写一份申请申请医疗大赦. The 应用程序 MUST be completed and submitted online to the 学生生活 within three working days of the offense. 点击 在这里 为 应用程序.


Student health and safety are of primary concern at 十大网赌正规网址. 像这样, 在严重中毒和/或酒精中毒的情况下,大学鼓励个人为自己或他人寻求医疗援助. 如果某人因自己的中毒程度而寻求医疗照顾,而这种中毒程度似乎合理地对个人造成了严重和直接的风险, 十大网赌正规网址行为系统不会对违反《十大网赌正规网址》中的酒精或药物政策的学生进行纪律处分. 另外, 协助就医的学生也不会因违反《十大网赌正规网址》的酒精政策而受到纪律处分.

请求考虑医疗大赦, an 应用程序 MUST be completed and submitted online to the Student Experience Center within three working days of the offense. 点击这里 为 应用程序.

适用医疗大赦时, 醉酒的学生(也可能是要求医疗援助的学生)将被要求与学生体验主任或其指定人员会面, 谁可以发布教育要求,其中可能包括, 但不限于:酒精和/或毒品教育, 咨询, 和/或药物滥用评估. Serious or repeated incidents will prompt a higher degree of concern and response. 未能完成教育任务或根据本政策发布的治疗建议通常会导致纪律处分. The student will be responsible for any costs associated with alcohol/药物 education interventions. 在大多数情况下, a letter will be sent home to the student’s parents or legal guardian if the student is under 21 years of age.

医疗大赦不排除因任何其他违反《十大网赌正规网址》的行为(与酒精或毒品政策无关)而受到纪律制裁。. 同样的, 医疗大赦 does 不 prevent action by North 曼彻斯特 police or other law enforcement personnel.  印第安纳州生命线法确实保护了21岁以下的酗酒者,并要求对受到酒精或其他物质影响的人进行医疗援助. 呼叫者需要与需要医疗照顾的人呆在一起,并在到达后与警察/医疗当局合作. 

如果学生参与了任何后续的(i.e. repeat) alcohol 和/或 药物 abuse incidents and applies for 医疗大赦, 情况将由学生体验办公室评估. The availability of 医疗大赦 for students with repetitive violations will be determined on a case by case basis. 通常, 重复的违规行为将通过常规行为程序处理,如果学生没有表现出对工作人员和/或保健专业人员建议的步骤的承诺,并且涉及重复的酒精和/或药物滥用事件,则将考虑进行制裁.

·对于代表自己主动发起和寻求医疗援助和/或医疗的马里兰大学学生,可以申请医疗大赦, 另一个学生, 或者是朋友




·以下是  医疗大赦政策所涵盖的:

o等待的学生, 但在警察或其他当局到达之前,不会主动寻求医疗援助或积极监督有需要的学生


o    Violations of the Code of Conduct other than the Alcohol/Drugs Policy



The University may disclose amnesty incidents with the student’s consent. The University also may disclose an incident if a student is applying for a student employment at 十大网赌正规网址..


1) John and Sarah (both under 21) are at a party when Sarah begins to show signs of intoxication (slurred speech, 她的脚不稳, 呕吐). 约翰决定送莎拉回家. 当我走在学生宿舍附近时, 大学安全中心看到莎拉走路不稳, 她在呕吐。, 还在路过停着的车时撞了它们.  北曼彻斯特警方(NMPD)正在开车经过,也观察到了这一点. The NMPD stop and the officer cites Sarah for underage possession/consumption of alcohol. 约翰还因未成年人持有毒品/吸食毒品被传讯.

医疗大赦政策可以  因为约翰没有积极地为莎拉寻求医疗照顾, and he did 不 seek out a qualified individual (such as an RA or 大学安全) to assess Sarah’s condition. 医疗大赦也不适用于执法行动.

2)雷蒙回家找到他的室友, 扎克, 昏倒在床上,雷蒙认为可能是因为喝酒. Ramon finds the RA for help who determines with the assistance of the 大学安全 that 扎克 needs medical attention.  安全部门叫了救护车,救护车把扎克送到了医院. RA, and 大学安全 document the  incident and it is 不ed that Ramon also appeared to be intoxicated.

医疗大赦政策可以 apply to both Ramon and 扎克 because Ramon sought assistance from an RA (a University official) for 扎克. 两个学生都可以得到赦免。应用程序要求, 在三天内提交),如果他们申请并获得医疗大赦,将不会因此事件受到纪律处分. Both will likely receive some form of alcohol education as a result of this incident.

3) A 大学安全 officer observes a large group of people exiting a residence hall one night. 警察看到珍被她的两个朋友拦住了, who are also underage and had been drinking; Jean is unable to speak co在这里ntly and is passing in and out of consciousness. 安全办公室的官员为吉恩申请了医疗帮助.

Jean may 不 apply for 十大网赌正规网址 Medial Amnesty because her friends were 不 seeking medical attention for her. 朋友们是打了911寻求医疗援助还是找了RA, HD, 或大学安全中心协助吉恩就医, 那么简就可以像她的朋友一样申请医疗特赦.


As a university we recognize that many students may make the choice to use alcohol to cope with adjustment to college life, 为了“融入社会”或者只是为了玩得开心. Alcohol is 不 an effective coping mechanism nor one that this campus endorses. 在十大网赌正规网址,我们最关心的是你的安全. Please take 不e of the following information about the 印第安纳州生命线法.

  • 印第安纳州生命线法
    • The Lifeline Law provides immunity 为 crimes of public intoxication, 未成年人财产, 小消费, 以及少量运输酒精给那些向执法部门暴露自己的人,而这些人正在为患有酒精相关的紧急健康状况寻求医疗援助.
    • 为了获得豁免权, the person must demonstrate that they are acting in good faith by completing ALL of the following:
      • Providing their full name any other relevant information requested by law enforcement officers
      • Remaining on the scene until law enforcement and emergency 医疗援助 arrives
      • 在现场与当局合作
    • 该法律不会干扰执法程序或限制起诉其他刑事犯罪的能力,例如向未成年人提供毒品, 醉酒操作, 或持有管制物品.
  • 打个电话
    • 事件 such as the one that happened at Indiana University beginning fall semester 2014 are far too common. Please keep your safety and the safety of others in mind to prevent this from happening at 十大网赌正规网址. An Indiana University freshman died recently after falling at an off-campus party.
  • 了解酒精中毒的迹象
    • 如果有人出现以下任何症状,请拨打911:
      • 无意识的或半意识的
      • Breathing less than 10 times per minute or irregular breathing (check every two minutes)
      • 皮肤冷、潮湿、苍白或发蓝
      • 不能被掐、戳、喊吵醒
      • 不醒就呕吐




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